Parents Korner


Gracious Girlz realizes that parents are the primary influence in there child(ren) live(s) and therefore should have every opportunity availabe to become involve in their activities. Gracious Girlz has implented parent workshops that conveniently coinsides with program activities. There will be four prescheduled workshops a year. The parent workshops provide tools for parents to use to ensure the success of personal and self development within the girls. Parents will be aware of what activities are going on and how they can help in the girls development. The time within the prescheduled parent workshops allow parents to suggest topics for extra workshops throughout the year they feel could aide them in supplementing Gracious Girlz tools at home. The fee for the prescheduled workshops are included in the membership package. However, if parents do not have a membership with Gracious Girlz they can still attend for a small fee. Please email or call for more information. Refer to the Schedule of Events page for pre-scheduled workshops dates.




Gracious Girlz encourages parents to sign up for the WE CAN family program. Gracious Girlz goes beyond the understanding of the importance of nutrition for our kids by not only encouraging but actively getting involved. We have partner with WE CAN! Energize Our Families: Parent Program and CATCH Kids Club: A curriculum for youth. Please refer to the WE CAN! page for more information and how to sign up for sessions.