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  Hello and Welcome to GG’z Bookshoppe and Book Club!

GG’s Bookshoppe, an amazon astore, was created and embedded in the website so Gracious Girlz would have direct access to the chosen books they love and are discussing. All book selections for the monthly bookclub are purchased through this astore. We encourage you to support the vision of Gracious Girlz by purchasing books and products through GG’z Bookshoppe. The funds received from your purchases aides in continuing an awesome nonprofit organization that provides self development and personal development programs for girls ages 9-12. Below is a selection of books offered by amazon that GG’s Book Club members and parents may interesting. You may choose from the Bookshoppe itself for books and products of your choice. If you have any book recommendations please submit a list. We love having your feedback. It aides in the perfecting of the program. Thank you for your support.

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The purpose of GG’z Viirtual Book Club is to promote literacy amongst ‘tween girls while providing a great and healthy way for them to develop social skills, build self-esteem  and vital communication skills. The girls will be divided into circles. In each circle the girls will be given a Gracious Girlz Book Club kit explaining the steps of setting up their GGz book club. Above is list of books Gracious Girlz may choose from but not limited to. The members of GG’z Book Club has committed themselves to hosting fun and engaging reading events once a quarter to cultivate a love of reading among kids ages 4-7. GG’z Book Club members meet once a month on the second Saturday at 10:00am. Non member tweens are invited to share their passion for reading. Please refer to the GG’z Book Club page for more details.

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