Fan Club

Gracious Girlz Fan Club offers girls age 4 – 8 the opportunity to become graciously amazing. As part of the club the fan club members will receive:

  • Welcome letter 
  • 2 coloring pages with 4-pack crayons
  • Fan club membership card
  • Membership certificate
  • Book mark 
  • GGz tote
  • The Cupcake Monthly Newsletter
  • A letter from Lady Grace 

Training girls early to become graciously incredible gives them a head start in developing healthy habits and sparkling qualities. Participating in activities and attending events helps them to discover their talents and gives them a sense of responsibility to themselves as well as to others. They become aware of their environment and began to understand their role in their community. It also helps them to identify what makes a community. 

Gracious Girlz fan club members meets once a month for an activity. In the members area activities are posted for if a member can’t make it or do not have a club facilitator in their area. No member is ever left out. Fan club members are automatically enrolled into Gracious Girlz birthday club.

The membership for a GGz fan club member is $35.00 per year. This age group can apply at any time of the year to become a GGz fan club member.


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