Does it matter what state or country my child lives in?

It does not matter if what state or country your child lives in. Gracious Girlz fan club membership is available to all girls age 4-8 all over the world.

Is there a fee to join the Gracious Girlz fan club?

Yes, there is an annual nonrefundable fee of $20.

How can I Join?

You can join Gracious Girlz fan club online or by mail. Click on the sign up tab, then choose online or mail. From the menu choose fan club.

What happens after I join?

Once you join GGz fan club you will receive “My Cup Cake”, a monthly newsletter will delivered directly to your mailbox. The Cup Cake provides you with news you can use, created just for fan club members. You will also receive short stories about the adventures of Chloe, Jasmine, and Izzy. GGA offers discounts on Gracious Girlz products. You immediately become a part of our Birthday Club and will receive a Special Birthday Surprise from Lady Grace.

There will be select events and activities for fan club members to participate in. Don’t worry if you live elsewhere you will receive a calendar of events and activities you can plan right where you are. 


What do I get when I join?

As a Gracious Girlz fan club member you will receive a Gracious Girlz fan club kit that includes A welcome letter, 2 GGz coloring pages with 4-pack crayons, fan club membership card, membership certificate, bookmark, a list of activities, a GGz tote and more. 

Who are Gracious Girlz fan club members?

Gracious Girlz fan club members are girls ages 4-8 from all around the world. Gracious Girlz fan club members are given a golden opportunity a head start in developing healthy habits and sparkling qualities.

How old must my daughter(s) become a member of Gracious Girlz?

Your daughter(s) must be 9-17 to  become a member of Gracious Girlz Academy.





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