Vision Statement

To be the leading source in personal development tools and resources that inspires and prepares young girls in developing self-awareness and becoming responsible young ladies while staying true to themselves.

Mission Statement

Gracious Girlz, Inc. provides personal development programs for pre-adolescent girls from all socio-economic backgrounds. Through mentoring and classes in etiquette, environmental awareness, financial responsibility while also exploring literature and the creative arts, the girls are empowered to become confident, self-reliant young women who will lead successful, independent and fulfilling lives.


Gracious Girlz provides tools, resources and ongoing support to aid tween girls in discovering, accepting, embracing and owning who they are.

Gracious Girlz Colors

Pink, Purple, Magenta

Gracious Girlz Flowers

Gracious Girlz Fan Club Members, age 4-8 – Jasmine

Gracious Girlz Academy Members, age 9-12 – Pink Rose

Gracious Girlz Members, age 13-17  Purple Orchid